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Hoops ~ For Adult Beginners & Kids

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Our moderately weighted fitness hoops are designed to ensure your success with waist hula hooping!

Handcrafted locally using premium supplies and vibrant tapes, our hoops are designed with the beginner in mind.


If you have never been able to hoop before, it wasn't your fault! You were likely using a children's hoop. What you need is a BIG hoop. The larger circumference means more time for you to find your rhythm but don't worry, you still get all the benefits like: 

  • Burning 100 calories in 10 minutes

  • Improving your core strength

  • Boosting your balance & mobility

  • and SO much more!

Seeking a durable kids hoop?

We make those too!

Our hoops won't kink, break, or loose shape! Perfect for hula hooping, games, and beyond.

These hoops are also great for adults to learn hand hooping and off-body tricks.

Find your hoop size.png
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